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1970's family snaps - courtesy of Juliet White


  Juliet White
Extracts from an interview between
Sarah Daniels and Juliet White

S Juliet, you often went to Butlin’s as a child with your family. Can you tell us a bit about your holidays?

J We went to Butlin’s fairly regularly. I seem to remember 1973 was the first time we went, when I was four and then we alternated between Butlin’s Skegness and Butlin’s Filey. We always went self-catering.

S Can you remember how you felt the week before leaving for your holiday?

J It was fantastic, we were really excited, and it was always a big deal. I mean part of the reason for going to Butlin’s was that we didn’t have a car and none of the people that we knew had a car. A lot of people didn’t go on holiday at all, so there was always a big build up to the actual holiday itself, you know, washing all your best clothes, not being allowed to wear any of the clothes that you were taking for about a fortnight before and doing all the ironing and the packing.

S Can you remember how much spending money you had?

J I don’t remember exactly, we probably had something like 20p a week at that time when we were about seven or eight, but holiday spending money was a different thing, we always got given more and aunties and uncles would come round and give us something to take on holiday, a couple of pounds maybe. I mean one of the good things about Butlin’s was the fact that there were all the shops there and one of the things that we enjoyed the most was the massive gift shop. We used to enjoy going in and getting the same things every year. You could each get a comb in a pouch with our names on and notepads with our names on and anything else that we could find that had our names on and the word Butlin’s on it. We used to come home with some complete rubbish but it was all good fun.

S Have you still got any of the souvenirs?

J No, no, in fact I never got to buy much because Juliet was a really hard name to find, but my sister used to collect loads of stuff with Helen on it so that was a bit of a bone of contention.

S Did you take a whole load of food with you? I remember when I was younger, the real treats we had were those little boxes of cereals?

J Actually yes, you’ve reminded me now because that’s part of the holiday build up. Going shopping and getting the stuff that you weren’t allowed to eat normally, like the Tyne Brand mince and those pies in the tin that were normally too expensive, you know, you weren’t allowed to have them at home but you could take them on holiday, hot dog sausages and stuff like that. It was very basic in the chalets; I don’t know how my mum managed to cook it all up.



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