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As part of the ‘Remember Filey Butlins’ Heritage Lottery Oral History Project, we teamed up with New Pasture Lane Primary School in Bridlington. Key Stage II school children worked with the artists Sarah Daniels and Ian Killen on the book production ‘My Dream Holiday - Holiday Camp Fun & Madness’.

This project directly tied in with the final ‘Remember Filey Butlins’ exhibition and posters of the children’s work accompany the final exhibition.

My Dream Holiday…

Working under the umbrella Heritage Lottery Oral History Project, ‘Remember Filey Butlins’ Year 5 pupils from New Pasture Lane Primary School, Bridlington embarked on their own accompanying project ‘My Dream Holiday…’

This exciting project introduced the children to the rich history and heritage of the former Butlins Camp at Filey. Before we began, very few of the children knew of the camp’s existence even though it was located only a few miles north of Bridlington.

As an introduction to the project the class watched a cine film made by Mr Peter Argent of Bridlington. The film, produced in the early 1960s showed the Butlins camp in its full glory. The youngsters watched footage of the swimming pools, the fountains and the cable cars showing aerial shots of the scale and size of the camp. They also viewed many of the rides, the landscaping and gardens, the chalets, the sporting events such as the diving competitions and the pool barrel racing. The film also showed an outside performance by the White Helmets staging stunts on their motorbikes. Both Mr and Mrs Argent accompanied the class whilst watching the film and afterwards, each child asked the couple one question about their time at the camp. The answers provided gave the children a real insight into how the British people spent their holidays over 40 years ago. The film and meeting allowed the children the opportunity to see how much times have changed and to take note of both the familiar and the unfamiliar. The British holiday camp’s traditions and quirks were a blue print for today’s package holiday and fun days out experienced now by children across the country.

Watching the film was the starter base for the class to think about creating their own poem and accompanying photograph for inclusion in their book. Working with the Artist Ian Killen, the outcome of their poems reflected their individual insight as to what they thought the camp might have been like. Many thought back in time and adapted their poems to echo how they thought people lived forty years ago. Using rhyming poetry, the children often portrayed the scene in a very humorous way, with lots of reference to mischievous behaviour, traditional food and comedy chefs combined with lots of holiday camp mayhem.

Props and costumes were then brought in for the photographs and we drew upon a bit of creative license, being as weather conditions during the making of the project were dreadful. We continued through fog, snow and days of torrential rain.

To accompany the artwork for the book, the class also worked on recording their poems with sound effects and produced a video, which is on the ‘Remember Filey Butlins Project’ DVD.

Sarah Daniels
Lead Artist


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