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Billy Butlin - Courtesy of Butlin’s Archive Department

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This gallery is a pictorial view of the life of Butlin’s Filey, charting over seventy years of the site’s history.

In 1938, Hunmanby Gap farmer George Milner sold Billy Butlin 120 acres of farmland for his third camp, Butlin’s Filey. This gallery starts with a series of photographs, which were kindly made available to the ‘Remember Filey Butlins’ Project by George Milner’s daughter, Ethel. These photographs show the land, surrounding area and farm buildings before the camp was built. Shortly after building work commenced on the site, WWII broke out and it was taken over by the RAF regiment and became known as RAF Hunmanby Moor. In 1945 half of the camp started to trade as Butlin’s Filey and the other half remained under the control of the regiment. By 1946 the forces had completely moved out and the holiday camp provided many years of memories for thousands and thousands of campers, staff and local people. In 1983, after the holiday season had finished the Butlins organisation made the decision to close the camp permanently with immediate effect. The site was sold and traded briefly as the holiday centre Amtree Park. For several years following the closure the site had a very uncertain future. As each year passed the condition of the camp deteriorated and exposure to the elements left the buildings in a sorry state. Attempts at demolition of the former camp were started and then abandoned, which left the area covered in a sea of rubble, metal and abandoned furniture.

This gallery reveals the camp through the decades; the 40’s and 50’s post war austerity faced by Britain’s population was temporarily forgotten in Butlin’s decadent ballrooms and bars. In the 1950’s and 60’s the photographs show children experiencing the freedom of the carefree camp, the luxury of the heated indoor pool and the overwhelming choice of rides and amusements to entertain. The 1970’s and early 80’s reveal the fashions, the competitions and the chalet lines. Post 1983, the photographs explore the abandoned site and expose stage by stage the final demise of the never to be forgotten traditional British holiday camp, Butlin’s Filey.

We would like to thank all our contributors for allowing us to show these wonderful photographs.


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